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Cubammock™ brand cubicle hammocks are delightful

(A special offer for A!E readers) Deadlines! Competing priorities! Widespread incompetence! If the stress and hassle of workaday life have you in a rut, get back into the swing of things with a Cubammock™ brand cubicle hammock. Advertisements

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About the “Spelling C*nts” t-shirts

Some of you have asked about the “Spelling C*nts” t-shirts being worn by our company’s nationally-ranked spelling team, Spellbound & Gagged. The answer is a combination of inadequate attention to detail when the team’s captain reviewed a pre-press proof, and … Continue reading

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Employee Profile: Ann Kisco

Ann, a Special Events Coordinator, comes from a long line of professional event planners. Her great grandfather, Irvin “Lampshade” Kisco was the first person to use free booze as a gimmick to get people excited about corporate events. Her grandmother, … Continue reading

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Generating our electricity with literal people power

Our people are our most valuable resource, but, paradoxically, they’re also our greatest drain on resources. As you may know, an incredible quantity of energy is consumed powering the electronics you use to do your work, as well as to … Continue reading

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Racist laments spellcheck’s inability to correct slurs

Ron Tilks, an accountant/racist, was “embarrassed beyond belief” when he mistakenly sent an email with a racial epithet spelled incorrectly. “I look like an idiot,” Ron whined. 

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“Weekend hangover” is usually just a hangover

The so-called “weekend hangover,” a phrase commonly used to describe the general malaise that accompanies Monday morning’s return to the office after a weekend of pleasurable recreation, is seldom accurately applied. Studies suggest that in 7 out of 10 employee … Continue reading

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#1 use of handicap bathrooms: Coitus

On a list of “most frequent users of handicap bathrooms” released earlier this week, “Illicit lovers” come in at #1, followed by “newspaper readers” and “masturbators.”

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