Employee Profile: Jack Chancellor

Jack “No Pants” Chancellor, a Data Entry Supervisor, has spent more than 30 years working a desk in our Data Entry unit. In that time he’s seen computers replace the typewriter, and stoned actors and comedian temp workers replace the career data entry men. He’s also seen his share of suicides; “They come with the territory,” he said.

Jack earned his nickname 29 years ago when he reportedly told colleagues, “With this desk, you only ever see me from the torso up, so f*ck it, I’m not wearing pants at work anymore.” And f*ck it he did.

Thanks for 30 mostly pants-less years, Jack!

[Photo of Jack from his employee ID, taken 30 years ago. Jack says the secret to data entry is being “a little bit dead inside.”]


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4 Responses to Employee Profile: Jack Chancellor

  1. auntbethany says:

    Does he get a special “pants-less” parking space for the month, too?

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