Nodding during meetings down 89%

Troubling news from our project managers: Head nodding at meetings, long known to signify a veneer of interest, is down 89% compared to last quarter: The blank stare experienced a 64% growth during the same time period, accounting for the majority of the missing nods.

Vocalization of opinion remains uncommon, unless the opinion is unreasonable or particularly ignorant. In these cases, the opinion is then vocalized frequently, with proportional volume. Until now, nodding has held steady over the years, and it’s unclear what caused the sudden drop.

“It’s unlikely that meetings have gotten more or less interesting,” project manager Jamie Milton noted. “Rather, I suspect people lose the will to pretend to care at some point. I call it the Milton Point.”

A!E asked Jamie if she thought some kind of seminar on the importance of nodding during meetings would be valuable, now that we’ve passed the Milton Point. Jamie nodded briefly before switching to a blank stare.

[Photo: Meeting in the Office by antoniofurno, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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