#1 use of handicap bathrooms: Coitus

On a list of “most frequent users of handicap bathrooms” released earlier this week, “Illicit lovers” come in at #1, followed by “newspaper readers” and “masturbators.”

Those with actual physical handicaps don’t make an appearance until #6, behind “users of hard or recreational drugs” and “janitorial staff cleaning the bathroom.”

[Photo: All in One Restroom by thejesse, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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5 Responses to #1 use of handicap bathrooms: Coitus

  1. General Counsel says:

    The reason why handicapped people don’t use the Americans With Disabilities Act-mandated bathroom is because this company refuses to hire disabled Americans, which is squarely a violation of the Act. We wouldn’t want to sully our lilly-white reputation for intact and beautiful bodies with socialist-required hires of two-wheeled gastropods.

  2. auntbethany says:

    Don’t forget…women who carry really, really, really large bags who need extra space to stash them in….and mothers with a brood of children who must accompany her to the bathroom stall (this also scars them for life).

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