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PrivaCEO executive privacy sack

(Special offer for A!E readers) The tasks of your job are hard enough without the distractions that come with office life. From yahoos talking about reality TV to superiors and underlings interrupting your concentration with asinine requests, the cards are … Continue reading

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Suit up with Latitude: The 180-piece power suit

(Special offer for A!E readers) In the didactic film classic “The Substitute,” a non-ghostbusting Ernie Hudson notes that “Power deceived is power achieved.” What could be more deceptive, and thus more powerful, than a suit that looks simple but is … Continue reading

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Tame mass transit with ComMUTEr (advertorial)

(Special offer for A!E readers) Douche’s Law (named for Antoine Douche) stipulates that the volume of a conversation on public transit is inversely proportional to how much anyone not involved cares to hear it. Most want a quiet ride home, … Continue reading

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De-clutter with Der Staplerr

(Special offer for A!E readers) “Boy, I sure have a lot of staple-removers on my desk,” you think every day as you take in your cluttered desktop. Nobody needs more than one staple-remover, but somehow they’ve amassed in quantity in … Continue reading

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Cubammock™ brand cubicle hammocks are delightful

(A special offer for A!E readers) Deadlines! Competing priorities! Widespread incompetence! If the stress and hassle of workaday life have you in a rut, get back into the swing of things with a Cubammock™ brand cubicle hammock.

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