PrivaCEO executive privacy sack

(Special offer for A!E readers) The tasks of your job are hard enough without the distractions that come with office life. From yahoos talking about reality TV to superiors and underlings interrupting your concentration with asinine requests, the cards are stacked against you. Shut it all out with the PrivaCEO executive privacy sack, a sound proof sack you wear over your head.

Elegantly crafted of space age materials, the PrivaCEO executive privacy sack creates an oasis of calm, peace and no fresh air each time you slide your head into the velvet-lined interior. Simply pull the draw cord tight (not too tight), and you’ll be isolated from the inane chatter and distracting oxygen around you.

PrivaCEO is the perfect answer to many of the focus problems you may face on a given day at work. Your cube mate won’t stop making personal calls at top volume? PrivaCEO to the rescue. Your floor is planning its 5th baby shower of the week? PrivaCEO has you covered. You think you might want to make yourself black out so you can go home sick when you regain consciousness? PrivaCEO saves the day.

To order, wait until the din in your office approaches fever pitch and scream, “That’s it, I’m hitting the PrivaCEO sack!” The recording devices hidden in the walls will take care of the rest.

WARNING: Prolonged use of the PrivaCEO executive privacy sack may result in suffocation and death, i.e., more privacy than you’re looking for.

[Photo: Always Trying to get A-head by feelmystic]


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