Creepy boss is a creepy father

For most of his life, Marketing VP Bob Crenshaw was a boss best described as creepy, and childless. A whirlwind marriage five years ago to a woman with a 17-year-old daughter named Claire changed half of the “creepy and childless” equation. He adopted Claire as his own mere days before her 18th birthday, and within a few weeks he had installed her as the receptionist on his floor. In the months since, he’s made one and all wildly uncomfortable with his inappropriate comments about his step-daughter.  

“How has no one tried to take her to the stock room for a quick triste? I mean, look at my darling little girl. So innocent,” Bob said, catching his daughter’s eye. “Daddy loves you sweetie!” She did not return his manic waves.

Bob’s obsession with his stepdaughter’s sex life is the subject of much debate, with the consensus being that Bob would probably take things to the next creepy level given a socially-acceptable chance. As a reminder, you’re required to report all in-the-workplace relationships to HR.

[Photo: Reception by austinevan]



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