Employee Profile: Lucy Madison

Lucy Madison has been an HR Database Manager with the Company for the past five years. While her HR information systems skills are exemplary, Lucy is best known for her back-flip, which she used to do on command, or for no reason in particular. “I don’t want to say I’m an exhibitionist, but…” Lucy trailed off as she tapped a large, neon button on her blouse that proclaimed I’M AN EXHIBITIONIST.

The streak is as strong as ever (she was an early advocate for our business nudity dress code), but her days of back-flippery are behind her. “A doctor said I was one back-flip away from total paralysis.” This doesn’t sound medically plausible, but Lucy’s not one for second opinions. “Frankly, I’m not even certain the gentleman yelling the prognosis was a doctor, but you can’t be too careful when it comes to your health.”

Lucy now pretends to do back-flips on command, or for no reason in particular. She pantomimes the starting and finishing motions, adding a few grunts and an arms-outstretched-“taa-daa!” at the end. Your inclination might be to look away, but Lucy would prefer you watched.

[Photo of Lucy from her most recent employee ID photo. Oh, how she misses the back-flippery.]


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