Employee Profile: Philip Duncan

Philip Duncan, one of our Creative Services Managers, is known for two things around the office: His keen eye for design, and the fact that he’s a man trapped in the body of a cat. “Gypsy curses are no joke,” Philip said while idly batting at a ball of string. “The newly-blind Mark Zandi knows what I’m talking about.”

As a boy, Philip agreed to feed the cats of a local gypsy while she went on a road trip with her gypsy friends. Unfortunately, one of the cats died under his charge. “Even though the cat was like 100 years old, the gypsy blamed me anyway, flew off the handle and bam, now I’m a cat.” For the most part, people have been surprisingly willing to work with a cat inhabited by the mind and soul of a man.

“The Company has been very supportive,” Philip said. “And I think things like mandatory hirsute-discrimination training go a long way.” Philip was hired as part of the Company’s “We’ll Show You How Serious We Are About Diversity” initiative, and five years later he continues to impress colleagues with outside-the-box thinking and his silky coat.

[Photo of Philip from his employee ID. Ironically, he describes himself as a dog person.]


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2 Responses to Employee Profile: Philip Duncan

  1. flipperbaby says:

    As long as only his THINKING goes outside the box! HEY-O!

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