A!E in ReadyMade magazine

Your crafty colleagues at ReadyMade magazine are all getting a bonus day off for their promotional efforts on behalf of Attention!Employees. They kindly included this newsletter’s main Twitter feed (@attnemployees) in the “Fav Follows” section of the June/July 2011 issue. In their honor, this post was hand crafted (i.e., typed) from words found in previous posts.

If you discovered the newsletter by way of the ReadyMade shout out, welcome, and thank you for joining us. Be sure to visit A!E’s homepage to subscribe to the newsletter so that you never miss an important article. You should also familiarize yourself with some recent policy changes, and get to know a few of your other colleagues, including our social media assistant Matthew Parks.

You may be thinking, “What can I do to help promote the Attention!Employees newsletter, just like my high-performing colleagues at ReadyMade?” Since you thought-asked, below please find some suggestions.

  • If you enjoy an article, share it with your co-workers. Sharing is caring, and while you may not care about those you work with, it’s prudent to give the false impression that you do.
  • Orchestrate a phony kidnapping and include “Substantially increased readership of Attention!Employees” among your demands.
  • Clone yourself 2-3 thousand times and make sure all of “you” visit the site daily.
  • Donate a child to our “give us your children for labor and promotional purposes” program
  • Get a tattoo that’s reminiscent of the logo, just like this idiot this stellar employee.

About attnemployeesadmin1

Attention!Employees is the employee newsletter for everyone, regardless of employer/employment status. Written by communications professional Jerome O. Gnome.
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