Gullible employee fooled (re: Mad Men/Cosby Show)

Lane Thatcher has been a Customer Service Specialist for 10 years, and for nine of them he’s been seated next to Customer Service Specialist Bryan Eichmann.  Over the years, Bryan has taken great pleasure in regularly fooling the extremely gullible Lane. In his most recent triumph, Bryan convinced Lane that the opening to Mad Men a) Involves repetitions of the phrase “Mad Men” and b) Is actually set to the tune of the intro to the eighth season of The Cosby Show.

“Lane just discovered Mad Men season 1 on DVD, and he’s been talking about it constantly,” Bryan said. “For some reason he keeps reiterating how he never watches the opening credits, how with the DVDs he’d just fast forwards through them.” Sensing an opportunity, Bryan created the video below and successfully convinced Lane it’s the official intro to the show. “I guess he’s also never watched the eighth season of The Cosby Show,” Bryan said. “He’s been singing/humming this for days.”

(Uploaded to Matthew Parks‘ account for ease of sharing)

In the past, Bryan has also convinced Lane that the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary, that birds can only fly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that the Moon is only visible from Earth’s northern hemisphere and that un-neutered cats turn into dogs. “I’m thinking about upping the ante and fleecing him and his loved ones of their savings,” Bryan said, sipping a cup of coffee. “I think I could do it…I really do.”

[Photo: joe basel college by SIR: Poseyal : KNIGHT of the DESPOSYNI]


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