Firings this week: Memorial Day edition

On Memorial Day we pause to honor those that lost their lives in military combat, and to get a little drunk during the day at BBQs. On the battlefield that is the modern office, not all of your colleagues will make it to the next payday. Below you’ll find some highlights from the past week’s casualties, i.e., firings. 

Gerard Denault: He developed New York City’s troubled CityTime payroll, and then decided to game his own system by allegedly falsifying his timesheets. Fired! Note to the city of New York: You should consider using the Company’s SYSIFIS timechip implant system. (Via

Jennifer Wilson: This former detective in Tennessee was fired after getting caught drinking in Hooters while her unmarked, city-issued police car sat in the parking lot. This was the last in a string of questionable decisions, including sending 1,483 personal text messages from her police phone. (Via

Eight “planking” Australians: “Planking” is the “pastime” that consists entirely of lying face down on various objects and posting a picture of the exploits online. Eight employees in Australia were let go for posting pictures of their planking exploits (including on the shelves of a Woolworth AND a meat grinder) online. Take your lying-face-down-ways elsewhere, no-goodniks.  (Via

Unnamed South African train driver: A South African train driver was terminated earlier this week for his role in a non-fatal crash that injured more than 850 people. His main contribution to the disaster was deciding to make the train go over 85km/h in an area that is only safe at speeds up to 30km/h. Reached for comment, it’s imagined the man would say, “I have a name, why won’t the BBC share it?” (Via


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