Employee Profile: Chaz Deveccio

Chaz “Hulk” Deveccio heads our Corporate Security division, and he’s extremely dedicated to his post. “I leap out of bed in the morning ready, willing and able to use extreme prejudice to defend our facilities from threats foreign and domestic,” Chaz said, adding, “Mostly domestic. And mostly non-threatening.”

His nickname comes from an obsession with Sergeant Hulka, a character from from the 1981 comedy Stripes. “I’m the original Hulka-maniac. Those Hulk Hogan fans really ruined a good thing. And don’t even get me started on the HULKAmaniacs,” he said, referencing the group formed to celebrate IKEA’s popular HULKA bookcase line.

In recent years, Chaz has begun exploring the other opportunities his nickname affords him. He’ll perform his “Incredulous Hulk” character, a riff on the popular “Incredible Hulk” franchise, at the drop of a hat (it’s basically the Hulk expressing his incredulity at many things). “Hulk no believe how bad Celebrity Apprentice sucks,” he said, demonstrating. “Hulk smash Celebrity Apprentice!” Chaz then softly repeated the phrase “Hulk smash” a number of times, experimenting with different inflections.

In his spare time, Chaz enjoys exposing weaknesses in security protocols and crawling through air ducts with a large knife clenched between his teeth.

[Photo of Chaz from his employee ID. His greatest regret is that he only has one life to give for his Company, and that the chance to do so will likely never arrive.]


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