Firings this week: Sports!

Athletes are unique employees. Their highly specialized (if objectively useless) skills require highly specialized (if objectively useless) management approaches. Coaches, trainers and others that work in the world of athletics are under great pressure to make sure their charges perform at a very high level, and the jobs of sports journalists and broadcasters depend on the rest of the world paying attention. The pressure for some is too great, and they crack. Below, find a few tales of coaches and broadcasters who were removed from play this week.

Damian Goddard: Iced for homophobic hockey tweet

Sean Avery of the New York Rangers hockey team supports same sex marriage, and this makes Todd Reynolds (VP of a sports management firm) very unhappy. When Todd voiced his disappointment with Sean’s unbigoted views, many criticized Todd. Damian Goddard, until recently a Toronto broadcaster, decided the world needed to know that he firmly (but heterosexually) supports Todd’s antiquated prejudice. “I completely and whole-heartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage,” Damian tweeted. Rogers Sportsnet, our business unit that hired Damian, supports the TRUE meaning of not employing troglodytes, and fired Damian. (Via the Washington Post)

Jason Coughlin: Girls’ basketball coach made foul choices

Jason Coughlin, former coach of a girls’ basketball team in Massachusetts’ Mass Elite Basketball League, was asked to resign Monday, following an arraignment in a Woburn court. Jason violated a harassment protection order which stemmed from an “inappropriate” relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Authorities say Coughlin and the girl referred to each other as “husband” and “wife.” It was a novel, if reprehensible, coaching technique. In a statement released Monday night, League president Eric Polli bizarrely emphasized that Coughlin did not coach any boys’ programs. “Thank God our boys are ok,” Eric didn’t say but may as well have. “And that’s what matters.” (Via

Geoff Capell: A swim coach from the shallow end of the gene pool

Geoff Capell was the assistant coach at Roseville High School in California, at least until he decided the best way to express his displeasure with a swimmer’s performance was to reach down into the water and grab the17-year-old girl out the pool by her hair. Geoff tendered his resignation this week, but apparently the students and faculty of Roseville like their discipline to include caveman-like tactics: The girl’s mother claims her daughter has been the target of a bullying campaign, and that students and teachers blame the girl for getting the “popular” coach fired. The varsity hair-pulling team has been particularly vocal in their support of the ousted Capell. (Via The Daily Mail, with video the link).


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