4th dream of promotion aborted

Keith Peiser in accounting had been dreaming of a long-delayed promotion for months, and until a meeting yesterday, it seemed like his dream would soon become reality. “There will not be any money for your promotion,” Keith’s boss said, “We have to be realistic.” At that precise moment, Keith felt a small twinge as he realized his dream had been aborted for the fourth consecutive quarter.

While Keith supports the Company’s right to choose when a promotion is delivered, he knew his wife would be devastated by the news. “We’ve been planning on this promotion coming through for months,” he said between sighs and nips on a bottle of Early Times whiskey. “All her friends have husbands who are getting promoted. Just once I’d like to have a dream reach full term.”

Outside of the three previously aborted dreams of promotion, Keith has also had to process the trauma associated with terminated dreams of Olympic gold and meeting now-deceased Peanuts creator Charles Shultz.

[Photo: Travis is quite alert by Bryan Bruchman]


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