Suit up with Latitude: The 180-piece power suit

(Special offer for A!E readers) In the didactic film classic “The Substitute,” a non-ghostbusting Ernie Hudson notes that “Power deceived is power achieved.” What could be more deceptive, and thus more powerful, than a suit that looks simple but is really spectacularly complicated? Meet Latitude, the latest suit from Homme Office. It’s the only suit with a full 180 pieces to help you dress in excess for success.

This unique suit features 90 bespoke pieces from your feet to your middle, and another 90 custom-made pieces from there up. Two of the pieces merge to form our legendary Equator belt. Assembling the suit for wear takes approximately four hours and as many assistants, but once you’ve felt the surge of power that comes from wearing a 180 piece suit, you’ll never go back.

To order, strip down and run through the halls of your office shouting, “I DEMAND LATITUDE.” Your suit will arrive in 180 separate packages over the weeks thereafter. Remember, if it’s not a Latitude, it’s just a suit with fewer pieces.

[Photo: PB081380 by]


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