Birthday card gets every detail wrong

A birthday card for Finance’s Alice Devereux, 37, was well intended but poorly executed. It was addressed to “Ahlyce,” incorrectly wished her a Happy 40th and featured a scantily clad male stripper, despite the fact she’s a married lesbian. 

Alice returned from a meeting to find the card waiting on her chair. “What the…” Alice muttered silently to herself as she opened and read the misguided attempt. “Who spells Alice with an H and a Y? Is that even a way it’s spelled?” She then considered the muscular, mostly-nude male on the card’s cover before throwing the card away in disgust.

The colleague who purchased and circulated the card almost approached Alice to say something in her own defense, but instead shrugged and called it an early day.

[Photo: Birthday Plant-head by -= Treviño =-]


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