Firings this week: Entertainment edition

Schadenfreude is a German word that means pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. When those experiencing the misfortune are connected to the entertainment industry, the pleasure might then be called “enterpainment.” On that shaky etymological footing, you’re invited to pop some corn or purchase sugary snacks at inflated prices and enjoy some of the more entertaining firings from this week, all in some way related to that business they call show.

Nicole Crowther: No longer Gleeful 

Nicole Crowther, an extra on “Glee,” was fired this week after sharing a major plot detail on Twitter. After divulging who will be crowned prom king and queen, this Gleek got a personal electronic wedgie from series co-creator Brad Falchuck. “[H]ope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment,” he tweeted back to her. “Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?” He should have added, but did not, “We’ll continue to make the show unwatchable on our own, thank you very much.” (Via CBS News)

John Schwer: Strikes out after serving beer to minors

Until recently, John Schwer coached a high school baseball team in Burbank, a city in Los Angeles county that’s home to headquarters or production facilities of many major media companies. He was fired earlier this week after an assistant coach allegedly served beer to the underage sluggers on a recent road trip. The school’s principal, Emilio Urioste, offered this poignant analysis of the situation: “There were bad decisions made here, and they were certainly not good decisions, inappropriate decisions. Really, the best decision was to say that this is a serious matter …” He then went on to note that fire is hot, and that literacy is good. (Via FOX News)

Samantha Ardente: Porn star school worker fired when cover blown

Samantha Ardente, formerly a school administration worker near Quebec City, was fired after a student discovered she was an online porn star. The enterprising if scummy student, 14, allegedly demanded oral sex from Samantha to keep the scandalous news to himself, but “she told him to go away.” The school suspended the boy for creating a fake Facebook profile of Samantha, and fired her for actions they deemed “inappropriate, unacceptable and incompatible with its values.” Boys in the school unanimously agreed that her actions meshed seamlessly with their own sense of decorum. (Via UPI)

Humankind: Mass termination underway

If the universe of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is to be believed, and it is, all of humankind will soon be fired. The series, which was terminated by network executives in 2009, claimed that a robot-fueled apocalypse began when the SkyNet military defense system became self-aware on April 19, 2011. (Via CNN’s Marquee blog) In chilling proof that the prophecy is coming to fruition, a video of a humanoid robot capable of fluid dance moves surfaced this week. One can only assume the robot, named Sacros, is practicing its steps to dance on our graves. (See also: what the coming apocalypse means for accrued time off.)


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