Work from Hospice program considered

The dream of retirement, a reward for decades of dedicated labor and careful financial planning once taken for granted, is a dream that may prove elusive for most employees. As such, the Company is working hard to generate alternatives for a late-life workforce. A proposed Work from Hospice program would allow you to contribute, in terminal comfort, right up until the very end.

Instead of saying, “This job will be the death of me,” you can say, “I’ll do this job DURING the death of me.” Modeled after work from home initiatives, the proposed Work from Hospice program would allow you to stay on top of deadlines, deliverables and administrative responsibilities even as your vital organs begin to fail. What better way to depart this mortal coil than by meeting a few last responsibilities?

Doctors* have said** that working on your deathbed may actually extend your life, allowing you to keep on keeping on for a few precious extra days or weeks. Think of the extra time you’ll have with your family, after working hours, before hospice visiting hours end for the day.

Note: Hospice care isn’t covered by our health insurance at this time.

*No doctor

**has ever said

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