High profile firings this week

Each week hundreds of your colleagues are fired for hundreds of reasons, from gross incompetence to competent grossness (i.e., hygiene issues). As Abraham Lincoln said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. Or we could remove the thorns, and it’d be all roses, all the time.” In that spirit, below you’ll find news of high profile employees who were emancipated from their roles this week.

Glenn Beck: Contract not renewed

FOX News has declined to renew the contract of conservative firebrand Glenn Beck, host of a tears-and-chalkboard powered show on the network (via Variety). It’s expected that his time slot will be filled by a new program, “Winkin’ and Shruggin’ with Palin and Bachmann.” The show will feature former Governor Sarah Palin and Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn) winking and shrugging their way through the day’s news.

Jay Severin: Fired from WTKK

Following two suspensions for nasty on-air comments, radio talk show host Jay Severin was fired from WTKK-FM earlier this week (via Boston.com). Some of his greatest/most offensive hits include boasting of sleeping with female employees because “I was the boss…and I could,” and that Mexican immigrants are “primitives,” “leeches” and importers of “women with mustaches and VD.” In a statement, the station says Jay was let go for failing to maintain an “appropriate level of civility and adhere to a standard that respects our listeners and the public at large.” A later statement offered the more succinct: “He was an insufferable prick.”

Cathie Black: Fired after three months

New York City public schools chancellor Cathie Black is on the way out after only three months on the job (via The Christian Science Monitor). Poor performance or suggestions like birth control as a way to reduce classroom overcrowding did her no favors. Cathie had no meaningful educational experience when she took the role offered by her friend and city mayor Michael Bloomberg, and she leaves with the same lack of meaningful educational experience. There’s a lesson here, but Cathie will neither understand it nor teach it it to others.

Patricia Chui: Edited out of Moviefone

Patricia Chui was, until very recently, editor in chief of Moviefone. That came to an end this week after Patricia emailed freelancers she was in the midst of firing, offering them an opportunity to “contribute as part of our non-paid blogger system” (via AllThingsD). This firing may have been a mistake. Encouraging employees to do more, for less, is at the heart of any good business model.


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