Employee Profile: Matthew Parks

Matthew Parks is a new assistant in our Social Media department. Though he doesn’t have any particularly relevant social media experience, Matthew was hired as part of our “Old Dogs, New Tricks” program. ODNT was started to bring older workers into the Company as part of a settlement in an age-discrimination suit. “I’ve gotten jobs for odd reasons my whole life,” Matthew said, “I was once hired by a bank for my high fiving skills, and by a major media company because one of my legs is shorter than the other.”

Matthew has an impressive fondness for bourbon. “I call it Vitamin B,” a mug on his desk announces. His daily, bourbon-themed meetings have been well attended.

Mondays usually feature a “bourbon bash,” Tuesdays include the popular “Tuesdays with Bourbon,” and Wednesday is for the “bourbon jambaroo.” The serious drinkers in the office always look forward to Thursdays, which are now synonymous with Matthew’s “Drown in Brown” midday drinking session. Friday welcomes the weekend with the simple but direct “Let’s drink bourbon.”

Since Matthew is new to the world of social media, for now he’s taking it slow. Follow him on Twitter @AE_Parks and befriend him on Facebook. “I look forward to Twitting and Facing on you all,” he said, raising a glass.

Keep it together, Matthew!

[Photo of Matthew from an impromptu “bourbon jam” he held in his cubicle on his first morning with A!E]


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