It happened this week (3/25)

You should be reading the stories of A!E every day, but some days you’ll be too busy. Maybe that was you this week. Maybe you may were out rescuing kittens from trees, or placing kittens in trees for others to rescue. Regardless, below please find links to this week’s articles, updates since they originally ran and links to important stories from other trusted sources.

Monday, 3/21 –These walls CAN talk (our walls now record conversations)

UPDATE: The ACLU was going to file a lawsuit on behalf of our employees, but instead issued a brief statement. The one word press release said simply, “Meh.”

Tuesday, 3/22 –Crude coffee mug the source of admin’s powers

UPDATE: In a sense, the Fart Doctor is now out; the mug is now missing. She’s made more mistakes in the last two days than in the previous five years. In an email to A!E she said, “This is a trajedy.”

Wednesday, 3/23 –Our new phone system: Whatever plan you use

UPDATE: In addition to the system highlights mentioned, any minutes you don’t use each month will automatically become Company property.

Thursday, 3/24 –Boring “conversation” extends work day

UPDATE: Eric emailed Serena the unexciting conclusion to the “Frank’s or Siracha” portion of his monologue. Upon reading the email, Serena made a double-middle-finger gesture at her screen, but did not otherwise respond.

Friday, 3/25 –It happened this week (3/25)

UPDATE – After you sent this update around to your colleagues, encouraging them to regularly visit, you finally lost those last five pounds (and you look terrific, by the way).

Other reading:

[Photo: True Story by Kevin H, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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