These walls CAN talk (or at least record your conversation)

Speakers installed throughout our offices for the failed laugh track system have been modified to function as audio recording devices, ostensibly to record meeting minutes. According to Norman Koch in Facilities, the microphones added to the speakers are highly sensitive. “These babies capture it all, from a pin drop to the unique sound of an eyebrow arching in disbelief,” Norman said. 

Every “uh” and “I don’t know” can now be captured in near-flawless fidelity. The microphones also utilize the latest in privacy-invading technology to differentiate between the sound a pen makes when taking a relevant note, and the sound it makes when idly doodling or scribbling a snarky thought to clandestinely show a colleagues.

At present, the utility of the recordings is undermined by the fact that all sounds from all rooms are being recorded to one master file for each day. It’s impossible to listen to the proceedings from one meeting without listening to the proceedings of them all, at the same time. “The system’s not perfect,” Norman admitted. “But, the important thing is we’re listening to our employees.”

[Photo: office corner by zen, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License. The speaker/recorder in this room is hidden behind Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”]


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