Celebrating our bathroom graffiti

In the public sphere, bathroom graffiti is the second lowest form of communication known to man (only musical theater ranks lower). In the corporate world, bathroom graffiti has earned a valuable place in the storytelling tradition; to know a company’s bathroom graffiti is to know its soul. The notes and doodles in our bathrooms suggest our soul is connected and people-focused, if slightly whiny and crass.

Like with most bathroom graffiti, Wikipedia-style editing features heavily in our bathroom wall content, e.g., someone adding “balls” to a tag that reads “Cheryl sucks.” What sets even this childish scribbling apart is that it tells the story of us. Unlike in the wider world, many who read that bit of graffiti are likely to know Cheryl personally, and will likely have an opinion about her sucking, and balls.

A visit to just one random restroom in our offices revealed dozens of missives and images scrawled hurriedly on the doors and walls of the stalls. A sampling:

This haiku, thought to be the work of Data Entry Supervisor Jack Chancellor, had a number of supportive “YES” and “So true!” comments written next to it:

No end to data / Type, type…wait for it…type, type / Pants are for losers.

Join the conversation via the comment section below, or in a restroom near you.

[Photo: Stalls by quinn.anya, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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