“Fire this person” button too popular

Due to multiple wrongful termination suits being brought against the Company, we’re removing the “Fire this person” button from employee profiles on WorkFace, our internal business collaboration network. In retrospect, the button should not have enabled employees to immediately cut off another’s pay, health benefits and network/facilities access.

It’s unfortunate that the functionality must be disabled, for the “Fire this person” button has been far and away the most used feature on the site. “I really got into the spirit of that button,” noted Associate Financial Analyst Dylan Barnett. “I’ve been firing 50, sometimes 60 people in a row, every morning.” He’s not alone. Projections suggest that if the button remains active the entire Company will have been peer-fired within three months.

It appears that the only thing our employees like more than connecting and collaborating with their colleagues is affecting their immediate termination.

[Photo: Empty by TESFox, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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