“Not it!” now formally recognized

Dividing up group work often feels like how Europe divided the African continent: Arbitrary, without regard to local sentiment and with disastrous consequences. In an effort to ensure work is distributed more equitably, saying “Not it!” while crossing your arms will now excuse you from a group work responsibility you wish to avoid. This updates and formalizes the old system, where the last person to place his finger on his nose became responsible for the undesirable task in question.

Please be advised that you can only call “Not it!” once per project task cycle. If two employees call “Not it!” on the same task, Rock-Paper-Scissors will be played to determine a victor, best three out of five. If there’s a particular project task you’d like to claim, you can of course call dibs. The preferred method is to yell “dibs” as the task is being discussed, but you may also employ a modified “shotgun” technique, named for the act of laying claim to the superior front passenger seat at the start of an automobile ride.

On a related topic, we’re still searching for someone to step up and volunteer to overhaul our conflict resolution system for group projects, “Nuh-uh/Yeah-huh.” Not it!

[Photo: Group work by eldan, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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