Employee Profile: Jacob McFadden

HR Generalist Jacob McFadden is a study in autonomy. He somehow managed to interview himself for his current job, and is simultaneously his own manager and direct report. Through an administrative fluke for which he claims no responsibility, Jacob is the only employee on record who is his own registered domestic partner. “Double health insurance is sweet,” he said. 

He may seem self-absorbed on the surface, but Jacob is a true team player. He is one of the few non-accountant members of our nationally-ranked spelling team, and is also an avid outdoorsman. He co-founded our “Nature’s Office” exploration club, and routinely leads the club’s expeditions.

On a recent snowshoeing outing in the Canadian Rockies, a severe snow storm trapped the group for three weeks. After their meager supplies ran out, it was Jacob who realized the only hope for survival was cannibalism. “I’m just happy to be Alive,” Jacob said, chuckling at his own reference to classic tale of survival in the Andes.

Thanks for putting the “human” back in “human resources,” Jacob!

[Photo of Jacob from his employee ID. Jacob says all of his success has been made possible by his manager.]


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