Concert history troubles firing manager

Shortly after firing Claims Processor Tim Bryce for gross negligence, Supervisor Sean Levenfus was overwhelmed by the memory of attending an Insane Clown Posse (ICP) concert many years back. The memory of the face paint and Faygo-covered event caused Sean to question his credibility and authority to terminate another’s position. 

The ICP is best known for their unique brand of ghoulish, cartoonish, hyper-violent fantasy rap that traces its roots to actual music. “How could I fire someone for gross negligence,” Sean wondered aloud, “when I myself have showed gross negligence in my appreciation of music? I even claimed to be down with the clown.”

He sighed and slouched in his chair, sullenly playing with a staple-remover. He suddenly jerked up straight as a look of horror spread on his face. “Oh my God, I’ve also been to a Nickelback show…and I liked it.” If you’ve been to an ICP, Nickelback or other questionable concert, counseling is available through our Employee Assistance Program.

[Photo: Head In Hands by craigmdennis, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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