Career suicide hardest on the survivors

In your darker moments, many of you have fantasized about committing career suicide. You might think that leaving your job in a bridge-burning blaze of glory, assaulting your supervisors or defecating in your building’s lobby, would permanently end your workplace suffering. And you’d be right, but it would be a very selfish move, inconsiderate of those left behind to pick up the pieces.

“When an employee commits career suicide, the survivors have many questions,” says Elizabeth Fackler, a University of Phoenix Online trained occupational therapist. “Questions like ‘How could they do this during the busiest time of the year?’ and ‘Will I get paid extra for absorbing their workload?’ are a natural part of the process.” As a reminder, you will not be paid extra for absorbing the workload of those that end their careers at their own hands.

If you are having career-suicidal thoughts, please keep a diary of your increasing despondency for a few weeks before approaching HR. But then, approach HR.

[Photo: Destroyed computer by 27389271, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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