Employee Profile: Dylan Barnett

Associate Financial Analyst Dylan Barnett is the self-described “push-up King” of Finance. “I do 50, sometimes 60 push-ups in a row, every morning.” He attempted to do the thing where you alternately flex your left and right pectorals one at a time to demonstrate his muscle tone, but only his eyebrows appeared to be moving.

An astrologer friend once told Dylan his lineage is filled with royalty and fitness buffs. The friend was mistaken, but this “revelation” had a profound impact on Dylan. Over the years he has claimed numerous other noble titles in the department including the “Duke of Sit and Reach” and “Lord of the Jazzercise.” Until a moderately fit intern challenged the throne, Dylan also enjoyed a long and peaceful reign as “sit-up King” of Finance.

His long term goals include taking a Queen and usurping Alex “Pull-up” Potter’s title. Dream big, Dylan!

[Photo of Dylan from his employee ID. He accepts your physical challenge.]


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