De-clutter with Der Staplerr

(Special offer for A!E readers) “Boy, I sure have a lot of staple-removers on my desk,” you think every day as you take in your cluttered desktop. Nobody needs more than one staple-remover, but somehow they’ve amassed in quantity in your cube or office. Take back your space and say “Auf Wiedersehen, extra staple-removers!” with Der Staplerr, from Das Office of Germany.

Built to last, Der Staplerr is made of surgical grade German steel and will remove as many as six extraneous staple-removers on a single charge. Recharging Der Staplerr couldn’t be easier. Simply toss the unit into the air with your right hand and catch it with your left, and you’re ready to clear out another half dozen staple-removers.

Act now and your order will include a vial of NullDerStaplerr concentrate at no additional charge. If you ever decide you’re not completely satisfied with your Der Staplerr or somehow acquire too many, mix NullDerStaplerr with a gallon of water. After the initial chemical reaction settles down, add one or more Der Staplerrs to the bucket and stir vigorously until only water remains.

Der Staplerr can be yours for less than $1 per pay period. To order, email

WARNING: Do not attempt to use Der Staplerr to remove excess staples or staplers.

[Photo: Attack of the staple remover by Nathan & Jenny, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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5 Responses to De-clutter with Der Staplerr

  1. lilzbear says:

    I wish I had more than I need. Somebody keeps stealing my staple remover. Then I have to steal someone else’s. And the cycle continues.

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