Paradigms no longer changing

After a flurry of paradigm changing over the last decades, our paradigms remain more the same than ever. “I’m so tired of these stale paradigms,” and “ugh, these paradigms, again?” are two of the more common complaints heard around water coolers and break rooms.

It’s unclear what has caused this extended period of paradigm stagnation, now in its 8th consecutive quarter. For insights, we turned to Dr. Phillipe Tremblant, a cunning professor of business linguistics at UC-Davis. “Meaningful paradigm shifts and changes are like fairies. You must believe in them for them to exist.” As you know, in the world of corporate-speak, words speak louder than actions. “It’s not important to walk the walk, but it’s critically important to talk the talk,” says Dr. Tremblant.

We need the New Paradigm Fairy to leave something under our figurative pillows. Take a moment today to discuss with a colleague how new paradigms would allow you to maximize efficiencies, better leverage resources and target innovative solutions that satisfy key stakeholder objectives. If that doesn’t work, we’ll just pretend it did, which in practice will be like it did work. Good job, everyone!

[Photo: Conference Room by EMSL, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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