Poll: Naming the Company dog

Last week’s visit to the pound was a resounding success: No one was bitten or peed on, and we found a scrappy Golden Retriever pup to call our own. Like the majority of our undocumented itinerant workforce, he doesn’t yet have a name in our records. Informal discussions while our new dog was being neutered generated five strong contenders.

Early buzz favored “Dildog,” presumably a combination of “Dilbert” and “Dog.” It didn’t take long for the Office Space contingent to make their presence felt with a strong push for “Milton.” Dog name purists and lovers of organization alike argued for “FidoFax” or “RoloRex”, while the whimsical “Lord Filbert Barkminster” gained popularity late in the afternoon.

Don’t play dead, cast your vote for the dog’s name via the poll and/or comments below. If you send this post to other colleagues, your vote counts twice.

[Photo: Golden Retriever puppy by ccho, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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4 Responses to Poll: Naming the Company dog

  1. Maureen crowley says:

    I have 2 goldens and since goldens have a Celtic beginning , they have Celtic names. Cashel after “The rock of Cashel” in Ireland which was a Fortress and Keva which means beautiful in Irish

  2. lilzbear says:

    He looks like a Milton to me!

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