Masturbation interrupted, both parties scarred for life

Executive assistant Clifton Hirsch needed a signature from his boss, but unfortunately his timing could not have been worse. His boss, Financial Analyst James Moore, was engaged in an act of self-pleasure. “I was, ah, just…uh, shoot,” James said as he quickly and clumsily attempted to pull his pants up. “Did you need something?”

His assistant, Clifton, stood speechless in the doorway, processing the unpleasant scene he’d just witnessed. “Your T&E report was…um…,” Clifton stammered, somehow finding the composure to ask, “Were you hooting?” (James had indeed been hooting softly at the time Clifton caught him in full-fledged masturbation.)

With eyes downcast, James nodded his head in affirmation. Clifton slowly backed out of the office. Both anticipate never speaking of this again.

[Photo: shame by aurélien., via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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One Response to Masturbation interrupted, both parties scarred for life

  1. Training4now says:

    This is so funny I almost couldn’t find the air to laugh!

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