Employee Profile: Mark Zandi

Mark Zandi has been our VP of Inspiratianment (in-spir-ah-shane-ment) since 2007, when he convinced the Company to create the position. “When inspiration meets entertainment, that’s inspiratianment.” He leads a team credited with the creation of highly profitable “Hero, the Self-Help Clown™” line of products.

When he’s not advengineering inspiratianment, Mark spends much of his free time studying Braille. “One night in college I hit a gypsy while driving home for the weekend. With her dying breath the gypsy said I would go blind on my 35th birthday.” HR records confirm that Mark, 34, has a birthday next week. Happy early birthday, Mark!

[Photo of a shirtless Mark from his employee ID. Hero’s next adventure, “Hero and the Glassy Stare,” hits the shelves early next quarter.]


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7 Responses to Employee Profile: Mark Zandi

  1. joshua leete says:

    That guy looks like a tool.

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