Employee Profile: Michelle Fronstin

Michelle Fronstin, head of Organizational Training and Development, may look young for her age, but this 43-year-old NYC native is an old soul. She’s visited more than 80 countries, speaks six languages and, according the Federal records, “Michelle” doesn’t technically exist.

For the better part of twenty years Michelle travelled the world as a government trained sniper, taking out high profile targets under the code name “The Kid.” She briefly joined the private contract killing sector, but after a hit in Pyongyang went south (no pun intended), Michelle called in some favors and officially ended her days as a hired gun. A second career in Corporate America was the next logical step.

For the last five years she’s been assassinating employee weaknesses through targeted training and development plans. Thanks for helping us all “feel the rush” of reaching our potential, Michelle!

[Photo of Michelle from her employee ID. Do not get her angry.]


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4 Responses to Employee Profile: Michelle Fronstin

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  2. accountantgrrl says:

    Wow! I hope I looked that young when I turn 43!

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