Exaggerated sigh ignored

Late yesterday afternoon, security cameras noticed one of your colleagues releasing a tremendous sigh that was begging for comment. Everyone around pretended not to notice, so the colleague cleared his throat and issued an even louder sigh. This did not have the desired effect.

He was hoping for a circling of the wagons, with coworkers simultaneously asking, “What is it?” and “Everything ok?” In your colleague’s mind, these sympathetic questions would have been accompanied by frowny faces, and perhaps gentle pats of affection. The actual response was widespread eye-rolling, with one coworker going so far as to pantomime getting sick.

Your colleague then let loose a third and final sigh, the loudest yet. Some sources claim he actually said “SIGH.” A foolish but well-meaning intern asked, “Everything ok?” while frowning in a concerned fashion. “I can’t find a spreadsheet I need and I worry my best years are behind me,” the colleague responded. The intern gave a puzzled look and slowly backed away.

[Photo: A bad day in the office… by Omar_Gurnah, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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