Notes from our IT Department

  • Due to abuse by a few of you, the Reply All feature in our email client will be disabled for everyone until further notice.
  • If you need to check a pornographic site while in the office, be sure to clandestinely sneak a look to the left/right beforehand, not unlike how you would before telling a racist joke.
  • Please refrain from using a script font when composing your email signature. You are probably letting people know you’re that kind of person in numerous other ways already.
  • The HelpDesk will no longer respond to questions from “f*cktards” or answer questions that are deemed “f*cktarded.”
  • IT isn’t monitoring your internet browsing. At home. At this time.

[Photo: Joe’s Computer Repair by Joseph De Luca, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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Attention!Employees is the employee newsletter for everyone, regardless of employer/employment status. Written by communications professional Jerome O. Gnome.
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One Response to Notes from our IT Department

  1. xmatman says:

    Priceless … :-)

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