“Weekend hangover” is usually just a hangover

The so-called “weekend hangover,” a phrase commonly used to describe the general malaise that accompanies Monday morning’s return to the office after a weekend of pleasurable recreation, is seldom accurately applied. Studies suggest that in 7 out of 10 employee utterances of the phrase, the word “weekend” is an unnecessary contextualizing word, and that “hangover” alone best describes the situation.

“If you’re feeling sick after a weekend of heavy drinking, it’s unprofessional to admit as much to your colleagues,” says Bert Oliver, a professor of psychology at Tulane University. “It’s far easier, and more acceptable, to blame an excess of fun activities than it is to cop to drinking enough to drown a horse.”

As a reminder, “fun poisoning” is not an accepted reason for a sick day at this time.

[Photo: 048 by austins_irish_pirate, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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