Stealing lunch from others is the fast track to savings

Making your lunch at home can save over $50 a week, but foraging in your office’s refrigerator saves money AND advanced planning/effort.

Stealing lunch from colleagues is the best way to keep you, and your savings account, well fed. It makes no difference if the pilfered lunch is homemade, so long as it’s unattended. The practice is known as “going Yogi” for lunch, a tribute to the picnic basket snatching bear.

While you lose control of pre-meditated choice, your options are limited only by your colleagues’ lunchtime decisions.  “Beggars can’t be choosers,” a mid-level manager noted as he opened and sniffed a half dozen containers. “But thieves can.” Critics of the “thrift-through-theft” scheme note that the victims save very little money.

[Photo: Fridge2.jpg by aslvstr, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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2 Responses to Stealing lunch from others is the fast track to savings

  1. The Management says:

    This is a highly effective strategy until some meddling do-gooder begins to randomly poison food items in the office refrigerator.

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