Corporate Prom enjoyed by none

Despite the best of intentions, the first and likely last Company-wide formal prom, held this weekend, was described by various sources as “a sh*t storm” and “a total sh*t show.” Poorly executed thematic elements and perplexing music choices are credited with most of the failure.

The theme, “Springtime in a Paris Office,” was selected to evoke the romance and possibility of an office in Paris on an early spring evening. The principle decorative element was a poster board window through which a crudely drawn Eifel Tower could be viewed in the distance.

“I did feel like I was in an office, since I was surrounded by co-workers,” Finance’s Jeff Maciorowski said. “But it felt more like our office, which it was, than an office in Paris, which it wasn’t.” Croissants and wine product were provided in an attempt to round out the theme. Cheese, a French staple, was present in individually wrapped, sliced-American form, and went largely untouched.

The evening’s music fared no better. The main complaint was that the DJ only played two songs: “It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right,” and “Stairway to Heaven.” The DJ, a Parisian, was later discovered to be a native of Paris, Texas, not Paris, France.

“If I hear either of those songs again, I’m going to kill myself,” HR’s Jane Bianchi noted. “All night long it was that ‘It Takes Two’ song three or four times in a row, then an unedited ‘Stairway’ five or six times.” Asked to summarize her experience in one word, Jane offered, “merde.”

[Photo: Making a Disco Ball by Kid’s Birthday Parties, via Flickr’s Creative Commons License]


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